Community Spaces

Accessible &
Affordable Space

We provide affordable space in our Peace Room for neighborhood residents, mission-aligned organizations, and community groups. Find out ways you can use our Peace Room below.

Note: As of April 24, 2024, Restore Oakland’s Restaurant Space and Community Rooms are currently unavailable until further notice. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to get updates on when they will be back online.

Peace Room

Our Peace Room is dedicated to Healing Justice, a holistic alternative to the traumatizing punishment system.

We hold regular community building circles, trainings, and convene healing circle conferences where community members are able to address harm they are experiencing, understand the underlying issues that created the conditions for harm, and learn how to heal.

Accessibility: The Peace Room is on the second floor with elevator access from 34th Avenue.

Capacity: 20 people

Contact if you are interested in using our Peace Room for mission-aligned purposes.

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