Restore Oakland Partners

Restore Oakland is a joint initiative of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United.

Ella Baker Center

She Led. So can you

The Ella Baker Center organizes with Black, Brown, and low-income people to shift resources away from prisons and punishment and towards opportunities that make our communities safe, healthy, and strong. Following in the footsteps of our namesake, a hero of the civil rights movement, we believe in the power of everyday people to win change.

The Ella Baker Center's role at Restore Oakland includes providing ongoing advocacy and organizing work to end mass incarceration and to shift resources away from police and prisons and toward jobs, housing, education, treatment, and health care

ROC United

Winning better wages and work condition in the restaurant industry

Initially founded in New York City after the September 11, 2001 tragedy by restaurant workers displaced as a result of the World Trade Center tragedy, ROC United mobilizes workers, employers, and consumers to seek better wages and working conditions for the nation's largest-­‐paid workforce, while simultaneously generating new paradigms for the restaurant industry that redefine the concept of sustainability to include workers rights.

ROC United's role at Restore Oakland includes managing and operating COLORS restaurant, running the Colors Hospitality Opportunities for Workers Training (CHOW) Institute, running the food enterprise incubation program, and ongoing restaurant worker and high road employer organizing.

Community Partners

Causa Justa::Just Cause (CJJC)

Causa Justa::Just Cause builds grassroots power and leadership to create strong, equitable communities. Born through mergers between Black and Latino organizations, we build bridges of solidarity between working class communities. Through rights‐based services, policy campaigns, civic engagement, and direct action, we improve conditions in our neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay area, and contribute to building the larger multi-­racial, multi-­generational movement needed for fundamental change.

Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY)

Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth works to interrupt cycles and policies that activate youth violence, incarceration and wasted lives by promoting institutional shifts toward restorative approaches that actively engage families, communities, and systems to repair harm and prevent re‐offending. RJOY focuses on reducing racial disparities and public costs associated with high rates of incarceration, suspension, and expulsion. We provide education, training, and technical assistance and collaboratively launch demonstration programs with our school, community, juvenile justice, and research partners

Community Works West

Community Works West interrupts and heals the far‐reaching impact of incarceration and violence by empowering individuals, families, and communities. Through programs in the jails and community, youth­‐led advocacy efforts, and public exhibits and performances, we enable individuals to establish productive, violence‐free lives, help families and communities heal from the impact of incarceration, and create social and institutional change to better meet the needs of incarcerated individuals, their children, and their families.

La Cocina

The mission of La Cocina is to cultivate low income food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses by providing affordable commercial kitchen space, industry-specific technical assistance and access to market opportunities. We focus primarily on women from communities of color and immigrant communities. Our vision is that entrepreneurs gain financial security by doing what they love to do, creating an innovative, vibrant and inclusive economic landscape.

Join Us

Join with us and help ensure a people-powered economy and an accountability-centered justice system.