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Building community and economic power

Community organizing, collective power-building and community self-determination to advance campaigns will drive investment in jobs, housing and education, not more punishment and prisons.


Job Training & Placement

Hands-on training through COLORS Restaurant and outside placement services to advance participants to livable-wage jobs in the Bay Area restaurant industry.


Business Incubation

Working people will be supported to incubate and launch their own worker-owned food enterprises, such as pop- up restaurants, catering businesses and food companies.

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Restorative Justice

Restore Oakland will serve as a neighborhood space where community members can come together and resolve conflict, offering an alternative to punishment and incarceration and providing solutions rooted in healing.

The Power of Second Chances Turned Antwoin's Life Around

Antwoin at work

"So many doors were closed to me because I was formerly incarcerated. No one would hire me, far less train me. I became desperate until a friend told me about a hands-on job training program run by the COLORS Hospitality Opportunities for Workers Institute (CHOW), a program of ROC United at COLORS Restaurant. The skills I learned in the program led me to be hired as a trainee at The Doe Fund. I became a full-time employee and the organization's youngest Culinary Instructor by age 27. Today, I am the founder of Fresh Taste, a thriving, innovative bakery and catering start-up." —Chef Antwoin Gutierrez

Join Us

Join with us and help ensure a people-powered economy and an accountability-centered justice system.