Tash Nguyen

Tash was born and raised in the Bay Area as a daughter of Vietnamese refugees and brings their lived experience to their advocacy work as a young person funneled through the school to prison pipeline. They lead Restore Oakland’s political campaigns and oversees our restorative economics and restorative justice programs. Committed to creating spaces of transformation and healing through accountability, Tash brings over a decade experience organizing in movements against policing and imprisonment. They proudly serve on the board of the REAL People’s Fund.

Prior to joining Restore Oakland, Tash was a Senior Advocate and Organizer at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC). Tash’s dedication to resisting systems of domination is fueled by the deep ties they have in the Bay and their broader vision of liberation. They’re into the great outdoors, noodles, and nerding out over music, film, and poetry.

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