The Restore Oakland Project answers the vital question: what do we build instead of prisons?

A joint initiative between Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, the Restore Oakland Project was created to address decades of state sanctioned violence and racial discrimination targeted at low-income communities of color in the Bay Area by providing a space for connection, healing, and political empowerment.

We are excited to announce that we are launching a Capital Campaign & Construction Case Study. The goal of study is to provide an accessible report that will document the formation of the Restore Oakland project from start to finish, in hopes that our story will catalyze similar projects throughout Turtle Island. We see the Restore Oakland project as an early solar panel – illuminating grassroots solutions for social and systemic change, waiting to be replicated.

Restore Oakland seeks mission-aligned research institutions, storytellers, and movement leaders to anchor our innovative model and examine our projects creation story. We want to document and analyze our ideological framework, early visioning conversations, fundraising strategies, building construction timelines, organizational decision-making processes, post-construction occupancy, and overall lessons learned in one comprehensive report.

Please see our full request for proposals here, final proposals are due April 23rd, 2021.

Email Ashley Claw, our Development Manager at with any questions.