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Why Restore Oakland?

We believe in community prosperity and safety.

Our vision is a people-powered economy and an accountability-centered justice system.

Our community organizing and advocacy efforts will help shift resources away from prisons and punishment and toward community reinvestment and restorative justice.

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We believe in people power

Our model is unique is because we lead with organizing and advocacy to mobilize the power and self-determination our communities hold. We will provide hands-on job training, business incubation, restorative justice mediation and housing rights services—all in one space.

We believe the restaurant industry holds opportunity

The restaurant sector holds promise for creating jobs and careers, particularly for immigrants and people who have been formerly incarcerated. Restore Oakland will act as a model for generating economic opportunity for all

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We believe in accountability

Every year, Restore Oakland will work with hundreds of local community members to hold our institutions and decision makers accountable to our community's collective needs and vision for the future.

We believe in community

Together with the community, we are creating a better model for community transformation that can be replicated in other cities and communities.

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Join Us

Join with us and help ensure a people-powered economy and an accountability-centered justice system.